Business visa

Ordinary business visa Ordinary business visais issued to Norway citizens, citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship for an entry into the Russian Federation for business purposes (seminars, conferences, meetings with business partners, negotiations).

It is issued based on an invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russian MIA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russian MFA) or based on a written request from an organization*.

It can be single- or double-entry valid for up to 90 days, or multiple-entry valid for up to 1 year (except if otherwise provided in an international agreement of the Russian Federation).

Please note! The period of stay in the Russian Federation with an ordinary multiple-entry business visa may not exceed 90 days for each 180 days period.

Please note! Medical insurance policy must contain:

  1. contract date;
  2. policy number;
  3. Name, last name and father’s name of a policy holder;
  4. details of the insurer;
  5. a policy must be valid during the whole stay in the Russian Federation in case of a single- or double-entry visa and during the period of the first travel in case of a multiple-entry visa;
  6. list of medical and medical transportation services including repatriation of remains;
  7. coverage territory – the whole world or the Russian Federation; Europe, including Russia;
  8. the minimum amount of cover must be 30,000 EUR;
  9. signature of the insurer.

Only insurance policies from Russian insurance organizations or those insurance organizations which have entered into re-insurance agreements with Russian insurance organizations licensed to provide this type of insurance, or have an agreement with a service (assistance) organization which arranges medical assistance (medical and transport services), to the same extent or greater than that stipulated in the list of minimum requirements will be accepted.

Insurance policies and confirmation letters which do not contain the information above and standard forms stamped by the insurer will not be accepted.

For a multiple-entry visa valid for a year or more an applicant must submit a medical insurance policy valid for the duration of an entry/entries into the Russian Federation. Absence of a policy may serve as grounds for the imposition of administrative sanctions and denying an entry into the Russian Federation.

*Written request. This document must be issued on an official letterhead with full details of a host organization. It also must contain the following information:

a) for an invitee: name, last name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, number of an identification document, duration and purpose of travel, number of entries, itinerary;

b) for a host legal entity (company, organization): long title of the legal entity, the address, taxpayer identification number, registration number, name and position of a person who signed the request, company seal;

To obtain a business visa you need to provide the following documents:

1) Passport – a valid passport or other identity document recognized by the Russian Federation.

2) Completed visa application form – the electronic visa application form is completed on the website, printed and signed by the applicant.

3) One photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm – color photo on matte or glossy paper. You can find the requirements to the photo here.

4) Medical insurance policy – a policy or other document on medical insurance must contain applicant’s name, details of the insurer, the signature of the insurer; the validity of the policy must cover the period of the requested visa (when requesting a single or double visa) or the period of the first trip (when requesting a multiple-entry visa); coverage territory – Russia, or the whole world, or Europe, including Russia.

5) Invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or

6) Invitation of the host organization (when requesting a multiple-entry visa, the invitation must be in the original).

7) If you are not a citizen of Norway, it is also necessary to submit a copy of permanent residence on the territory of Norway or registreringsbevis from the Police.

For more information on the submission of the documents by post see section Postal service.

Important! In case of possessing two or more passports, before submitting the documents to a Russian Visa Office, please, make sure there are no valid visas in other documents.

Please note! Consulate institution reserves a right to request additional documents for visa application, invite for an interview or extend the duration of a visa processing.

The consular and service fee may be paid in a Visa Center. Please note that we only accept payment with credit oк debit card. Cash payment is not accepted.

For citizens of Norway and the European Union

Consideration period Consular fee Service fee(incl. VAT) (inclusiv TVA)
Single-, double-entry visa*
4-10 business days 315 NOK 300 NOK
1-3 business days** 630 NOK 300 NOK

*The period of processing of documents from the date of delivery to the consular office are set by the Russian Consulate and vary depending on the type of invitation. In certain cases, visa processing times may be altered at the discretion of the Consulate.

** 1-4 business days in Visa center in Kirkenes.

Please note! If you are a person without citizenship or you are not a Norway or the European Union citizen, please specify the cost of your visa by calling an operator of a call-center.

Visa processing fees and time schedules for the citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship are calculated according to “Consular fees of the consular institutions of the Russian Federation”

Transfer or restoration of a visa regardless of citizenship

Consideration period Service fee(incl. VAT)
640 NOK 300 NOK

Please note! Before submitting the documents for a transfer or a restoration of a visa, please consult a call-centre operator regarding the procedure, documents list and the period of a consideration.

For more information on the submission of the documents by post see section Postal service.

To fill in an application form go to the website

Service for completing the electronic visa application form

Russian Visa Application Center offers additional service for completing the electronic visa application form when submitting documents to the Visa Center, or correction on behalf of the applicant (authorized representative) of the mistakes made on the application form.

Visa application form is filled on the basis of documents and information submitted by the applicant, and is signed by the applicant personally.

Visa application correction fee is charged in addition to the service fee, and is 120 NOK for each filled in page of the application form. Please ask the Operator of the Russian Visa Application Center about this service, when you apply for a visa.

Dear applicants,

We would like to inform you that at the Russian visa application centers you can use the following additional (paid) services:

Please note!

  • Acquiring of the above mentioned services does not affect the procedure for consideration of visa application and does not guarantee issuing of visa;
  • The cost for provision of services is charged in addition to the service fee;
  • All the above mentioned services are provided only at your request;
  • Please, read about all the terms of providing these services before you start the procedure.